Prayer and Praise


Edna Hart

Edna saw the Doctor on Tues and will be having a CT Scan on her brain on Friday.  Sam is also looking into Frail Care for Edna.  Please pray for guidance and that Sam will be able to afford things financially.


Chandre Conradie

Chandre is resting up and doing well. Please pray for a speedy recovery.


Theo van Mazijk

Please pray for Theo’s continued healing.


Lynnette’s cousin Garth is back home.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.


Fiona & Andrew Human

Fiona and Andrew are still both sick with Bronchitis. Please pray for their recovery.


Frans Smits

Frans is suffering with recurring Shingles in his eye. Please pray for relief and healing.   


 Jessie von Zweigbergk

 Jessie has a cracked vertebrae. Please pray for relief  from pain and strength for   Jessie and Erik.


Fiona Higgins

Please continue to pray for Fiona.


Riana Whittaker

Riana is having another knee operation on the 4th November.  Please pray that the Doctors may be guided during the operation, and for a  speedy recovery.


Riana’s Brother-in-law, Fanie Geldenhuys

back in hospital with an enlarged heart and has had to have a blood transfusion.  Please pray for healing.


John Pedler – John has his up and down days, but is very positive. Please keep John and Morag in your prayers.

Audrey Burroughs

Please continue to pray for strength for both Audrey and Malcolm.


Eunice Steyn

Please continue to pray for healing.  Eunice thanks everyone for their prayers, it gives her hope and strength to go on.


Elaine Dickie’s  2 friends - Please pray for both ladies for healing and strength.


              Maryke Oosthuizen – will be having thirty sessions of  radiation soon.

              Pam – Pam’s operation went well and she is at home recuperating.


Scotty Rae

Although Scotty has had his bi-pass and valve replacement operation. Please pray for strength for him and his wife Catherine.


Dot Marsh

Please continue to pray for Dot’s healing.


Jean La Cock

Please remember Jean in your prayers, that she heals well from her hip replacement operation.


Neels Genis

Janette says Neels is on the mend. Please pray for healing.


Joyce Richards

Joyce has been very sick in hospital with internal bleeding. She is now home.  Please pray for her for complete healing.


Hetty Beesley

Hetty is back in hospital. Please pray for healing.


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