Morning Worship Team - John De Lange

The Morning Worship Team practise on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm, where they consider the songs for Sunday Morning’s worship, co-ordinate and practise and pray that God will lead the worship through them, and meet again 30 minutes before the service, for run through and prayer.

Evening Worship Team - Neil Yorke

Practise for the Evening Worship Team takes place on Monday evenings, for prayer and practise similar to that of the morning team.

  • Let us have your contact details if you would like to audition for a worship team.
Flowers - Ann Young

You will often see magnificent flower arrangements in the church – both traditional and contemporary. Sometimes interpretive, sometimes just to inspire worship.

  • Would you like to sponsor an arrangement in memory of someone special?
  • Are you able to share greenery or flowers out of your garden?
  • Would you like to arrange or learn to arrange flowers?
Banners - Lucy Pearman

At the front of the church, you will see several banners glorifying God

  • Do you have contributions of haberdashery (lace, sequins, fabric scraps) to offer?
  • Are you willing to share your needlework or design talents for this special ministry?
Sound System - James Pearman

Those manning the sound desk should be at church 30 minutes before commencement of the service to ensure that all sound connections are working properly. This is then manned throughout the service. Training is provided.

Data Projector - James Pearman

Working together with the sound team, the really simple Easy Slide system is used to co-ordinate the slides for projection onto the screen.

  • We always need folk to assist with the sound desk and data projector and share the load. Training is provided.
Ushers - Selwyn Roup

This team is responsible to facilitate worship by limiting disturbance while quietly helping any who are in need of assistance during the service. (i.e. someone with a cough, in need of a tissue, wanting prayer, looking for cloakrooms, etc.). Ushers sit in the foyer during worship and near the back on an aisle during the message in order to be free to move to the assistance of anyone in need.

  • Are you willing to help facilitate worship on a roster basis? Ushers are on duty approximately every 5 weeks from 15 minutes before the service.



Intercessory Prayer - Jean Rowley

If you need confidential prayer, Jean is the lady to speak to.

Prayer Chain - Louise Scott

If you are (or someone you know is) in need of prayer, our prayer chain mobilizes over a hundred prayer warriors within minutes of receiving your request.

Prayer Watch - Sally Langerman

At certain times of the year, a Prayer Watch room may be established to facilitate focused prayer around areas of concern. But even Jesus’ disciples fell asleep when He asked them to keep watch and pray. That’s why visual aids are setup at various “stations”. This moving experience will help even the busiest minds to quieten and centre on topical issues – and will touch your heart – to really see the world through the eyes of Christ.

  • This ministry requires a creative flair and a sensitive spirit. If you are interested in assisting in this ministry, please list Prayer Watch on the response card.


Small Groups

One of the most vital and important aspects of the life of the congregation is our small group ministry. Session has identified the Small Groups as vital to the health, growth and vitality of the congregation. The Small Group Leaders go about their tasks with energy and enthusiasm and people are encouraged as they actively participate – and grow in their faith – as a result of being part of one, or more, of the groups.

Presently we have 14 Small Groups operating and a Welcome Home Group that meets to help people become orientated to the life of the congregation.