Welcoming Team                                                                                    

We have many visitors and like to be hospitable to these, recognising who is new or visiting and offering Visitors’ packs (see below), while making members feel equally welcome and loved.  In order to distinguish new faces from familiar faces, this ministry requires fairly frequent duties.

·        We urgently need friendly and welcoming people who are able to assist both with welcoming new people.

Visitors Packs                                                                                        

Visitors’ Packs offer something to make visitors feel welcome and a little information about us.  This team are responsible for making up these packs.

·        Donations towards the cost of these packs are always welcome.

 Men’s Fellowship                                                                                      

Over the years the Men’s Fellowship have made a significant contribution to the life and work of the congregation (including driving the more recent Heritage Day festivals)

 DPC Women                                                             

Monthly motivational meetings for all the ladies of our community.

·        Watch out for the regular announcements, and join these ladies for some fellowship and encouraging input.


The Youth Fellowship (High School learners) of DPC & BPC together - meet every Friday evening during the school term for 07h30 until 10h00, to socialise in a supervised and wholesome environment.  Social evenings are alternated with evenings of worship and teaching on topics of interest to, and selected by the young people.  The name (indicating the eXit from the old life, and beginning of a new one) was also chosen by the young people themselves.  Leaders keep contact with the young people through SMS notifications and social marketing through Facebook.

CIA (Christians in Action)                                                                        

The Junior Youth Fellowship (Grades 5 - 7) of DPC & BPC together - meet every Friday evening during the school term, for good fun and games.  The name (Christians in Action) was also chosen by the young people themselves.

·        Encourage the young people you know to join on Fridays.

God's Gang 

The little ones from grade 1 to 4.

New Members                                                                                         

Those wanting to join the congregation usually want a better understanding of the theology and doctrine of the Presbyterian church in general, as well as to know more about the life and work of our congregation in particular.  Prior to joining, prospective members meet with our ministers and sessions where these details and the commitment which they will be making in joining the congregation are explained.

·        Let us know if you’d like to become a member of dpc



Pam and her team cater for our official functions and other congregation meals and events as required.

·        Can you be called on for an occasional plate of eats?

·        Are you willing to help washup at functions?


Sunday Teas                                                                                            

Tea & Coffee is served in the bottom hall after service each Sunday in order to facilitate fellowship between members and to welcome visitors.

·        Are you available to assist with serving tea on a Sunday morning on a rotational basis?

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