Serve as Jesus Served

As those in Ministry have discovered, there is so much blessing in serving.

While each has differing levels of time, talents or resources, this shouldn’t prohibit anyone from sharing in the life and work of dpc.

Consider what time, talents or resources you have available and contribute accordingly.

 Various levels of contribution are available as follows:

 ·            Commit

This involves committing to be part of the team on a regular basis.  Some ministries require weekly commitment, whereas others monthly or on a roster – calling for participation every few weeks.

 ·            Care

Perhaps you can’t make a regular Commitment, but can support through prayer, or sharing your talent or gifting in your own time when you’re able.  This would involve being open to the needs of the congregation and the Lord’s prompting as to how you may be able to assist.

 ·            Contribute

Contributions may be financial, or any resources that you may have access to.  Perhaps a packet of split peas for the soup kitchen; materials for a building project; books for the library; clothing or blankets for the homeless.
(verse about give according to your means)


Can you Commit… Can you Care… Can you Contribute…

Can you C (see)?

If so, complete an “EYE C” card insert, and deposit your submissions in the EYE CAN.


Remember:  “Church” is not the building.  It’s US.  Without each of us playing whatever part we can, what remains of “Church”


Ministry Portfolios

The various ministry portfolios at  Durbanville Presbyterian Church are listed below.

Please contact the DPC office for more information required -

Telephone: 021 976 3044


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