Interim AGM


Notes from our Interim AGM on Wednesday Night 6 March 2013

Out of the reports that we received, the following were the highlights, the things for which we give thanks and celebrate in the life of our congregation during 2012:

·      From the Stewardship Board report, we continue to give thanks for God’s provision in the area of our finances.

·      From the Session Report, we give thanks for the emerging themes that are coming from our Way Forward process as we intentionally slow down and ask God to speak to us about what we should be as a congregation.

·      We rejoice in the signs of new life at DPC – our annual Weekend Away at Simonsberg, full of young families and children as well as our annual Quiz Night.

·      We see that we are becoming a congregation that seeks to be faithful to Christ’s commandment to reach out to others through our Outreach commitments and our relationship with those who we support: The Philadelphia School Project. Helen, Andre and Peggy, Dale and Karen, Cynthia and Michael.

·      We are blessed to have a very dedicated Pastoral Team that seeks to minister to those in need of care and to have a V Team that visits and cares for our elderly.

·      We have been blessed to have so many people involved in our Soup Kitchen ministry. As Thea steps down and Cheryl takes over, we are looking at an exciting new direction for this ministry. All 5 churches (Baptist, Methodist, NG, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic) are still fully committed to, and will continue to be involved with, the Soup Kitchen, but, as the Taxi Rank site will no longer be available, the possibility exists of us hosting the Soup Kitchen at DPC.

·      We continue to give thanks for our dedicated worship teams who, week-by-week, help us to be aware of the presence of God among us.

·      The change in outreach focus from Gugulethu to Philadelphia was a bold new step and it is thrilling to see so much congregational involvement in that vital work.

·      There are wonderful signs of growth in our Sunday School, God's Gang, CIA, and EXIT as we see families with children come into our congregation.

·      Our Small Groups are a core ministry of DPC and we continue to give thanks for our Small Group leaders.

The Courageous Christians Challenge represents a new direction in the life of DPC as we seek to intentionally focus on deepening relationships.

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